Two souls meet and journey together. Just a simple analogy of any relationship. But what happens to us in relationships? How do we communicate? What do we say, what do we not say that we should? In this illustrated tale we are shown what can potentially occur when we stop being authentic and open with our loved ones, friends, and those with whom we are close. While not a children's book, "Stone Upon Stone" is as simple and timeless as a fairy tale or fable. It may make you think of someone in particular. You may wish that something was different. This story will compel you to do something honest and bold in how you share your thoughts, feelings, and joys. The book is not a "self-help guideline" nor is it a step-by-step guide to fixing a relationship. Rather it is a means by which to acknowledge a mutual breakdown in communication, without blame, or assertions of right or wrong

The BEST Gift!


A young prince is celebrating his birthday and wants the BEST gift in the world. His beloved subjects help him learn what it is.

Overlooked Magic In Ordinary Families


The story of two young people who find out a relative they never knew had a collection of very special, magical objects.