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Small group mindfulness and meditation meet-ups.  Learn about the benefits of a practice.  Small group setting to enhance the experience.

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Enlightenment by Thich Nhat Hanh




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This 100% cotton T-shirt, made in the USA is a fun way to share your efforts, and celebrate your path.  More information to come about this design or others.  Feel free to email if you'd like to special order.



"DO List" © by Brian Todd Barnette

Do list.
Kind of like a “BE” list.

There are many books, videos, seminars, and paths to happiness. The purpose of this book is not to suggest that there is one “best” way. Truthfully, any intention and decision to at least try and be happier should be supported and celebrated. Hopefully the ideas and options presented here will be something that you haven’t thought of, something you haven’t tried, something that could just get you SLIGHTLY closer to being happier just a LITTLE more of the time. Any nudge toward a better life may feel, at first, almost unnoticeable, but if you can maintain any increase, even an incremental one, in the satisfaction of your life, or an awareness of better circumstances, or even just a better mood on a more consistent basis, that alone would be a monumental success.

One can find many studies and countless thought leaders which have stated that the most important part of being “happy” starts with the DECISION to BE HAPPY. That IS important. Your intention is everything. So before getting started with this book, or any path or program, be fully cognizant of willing a desire to BE happy.  Start there.

After that, don't rush yourself. Don't over exert trying to be happy. Read through the upcoming chapters at your own pace. Or better yet, read it with a friend. Think about each of the practices and see which one “speaks” to you. Some may seem silly at first, one or two may seem like actual FUN, (which is great) and you can build from there.

Having worked most of my life in service industry jobs, I learned early on that my day would go better if I made a real conscious decision that I would make certain that I really connected with at least ONE person each day. By default, I would have several encounters where I felt that an honestly positive exchange took place. Conversely, I worked with people who came in expecting to have an awful day, and they continually, and easily, fulfilled that expectation. 


"DO List" ©Brian Todd Barnette

A month of simple mindfulness exercises.

Author Brian Todd Barnette offers a simple list of things you can do, easily, to enhance your sense of awareness of yourself, mindful of the present moment, and maybe be just a little bit happier.

"DO List" by Brian Todd Barnette