Interaction  is the goal.

Imagination is the method.

Creativity is the language.

Content is the commodity.

Whats going on?

GET in the CAR and GO!™

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Welcome to a comprehensive community that encourages you to go explore your community, your town, and all the places you visit!  Share the adventure!


Updating with the written works of Brian Todd Barnette, President and Founder of Bits and Peaces Productions™.

"What Michael Sees" 
Darkness Isn't Empty
the story of Michael Macias and his music

What Michael Sees

Michael Macias, blind since birth, uses music in ways most of us barely understand. It is his language, his interaction, his emotional connection to everything around him.  Being blind isn't about what you CAN'T see, its about what you DON'T see.



PODCAST with original interviews, community profiles, interesting people, and thoughtful conversation.  


GET in the CAR and GO!™ teaser

Teaser of our pilot episode of "GET in the CAR and GO!™" 

Destination -  Wilmington, North Carolina

What Michael Sees (clip)

This story is on hold. In post production.  Please contact us for partnership opportunities in bringing this story to the public.

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